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"Dealing" plane tickets roots, PaperFlies expands

AMSTERDAM, 20121221 - The last month launched deal method for selling plane tickets seem to like it well. Travel Website PaperFlies has from today the supply of one to three deals (deals) extended a day. This enables the travelers now choose from more destinations.

PaperFlies is a "daily deal website" specially designed for the sale of loose airfare. The deal consists of a destination, for example, Los Angeles, and a price, For example, 499 euros. The range is fixed: the destination, the price and the airline. Date and time the traveler can choose from several options. The offer is valid for three days. On home PaperFlies is to see at a glance and a clock indicates how long the is still valid. The provision of individual airline tickets in this manner was not previously worldwide so done.

Thanks to enlargement, there appears every day a new offer on the homepage and there In addition, two other valid with a shorter duration of 2 or 1 day. So PaperFlies On any given time three bookable offers.

"Now booking offers are always three we expect more interest from the market. The traveler gets more time to ask for example free from work or accommodation to arrange. We see this as an important expansion to grow the platform." said Bob Stolk, one of the founders.

By subscribing to the newsletter PaperFlies know immediately if interested travelers their destination is on sale and can strike within 72 hours.

Fly outside Europe cheaper

PaperFlies realizes the deals directly with the airlines. Because of the unique way of books and marketing value for the airline are being discounted rates realized. Especially flying outside Europe more attractive, the majority of deals therefore has a destination outside Europe. PaperFlies is working with 15 Airline offering deals to destinations across the globe.

About PaperFlies.com

PaperFlies was founded by these two new young entrepreneurs Bob Stolk and Jens Steenhuis saw opportunities in the still somewhat antiquated air travel industry. "We are the first player the market that offers airline tickets in this manner. It was time for an innovative website concept with a different approach. The daily deal segment saw a large growth in recent years. We could not believe that there was no deal website that specialized in loose airfare. Every day presented one interesting destination, which directly against one very attractive price can be booked." said Jens.

The price is per person and from €