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Flight Site PaperFlies introduces attractive user-friendly search tools

"A travel book is again part of holiday anticipation"

"Holidays Anticipation is half the fun, or at least that it should be." This is the belief Bob Stolk and Jens Steenhuis, two young, passionate entrepreneurs, prompted the creation of their user-friendly and orderly ticket site PaperFlies.com. A search engine that daily thousands of ticket prices will search for the most economical option for their wanderlust users. Ease of use, clarity and customer service are taking their main motivation. this inspiring vision since today is even more convincing designed. The young company proudly presents its new search. "A simple, smart feature that allows the consumer in one Glance understands the best price, switching location, duration and airline. We hereby eventually think in terms of traditional search engines to outstrip supply and reliability, "says Stolk and Steenhuis.

The travel agency on the corner, with the friendly reliable consultant you a ready-made advice provided by the emergence of many search engines on the Internet pluperfect become. Fighters ticket price and services vying for consumers attention. Where this system initially seemed mostly to provide advantages in price and supply, the average looks holidaymaker thanks to the enormous and complex supply through the trees for the forest more. Bob Stolk and Jens Steenhuis PaperFlies see it as their mission to change this to bring. "A holiday book to be fun again and easily. Travellers should ensure be confident that they have made the best choice when it comes to price, airline, transfer time and destination. That has been the driving force for us To start PaperFlies. We search daily for our visitors and thousands of sites only select flights of quality companies. In addition, the price shown is also the actual price to be paid. So no additional costs."

Source of inspiration

PaperFlies, the name is derived from the old paper ticket which you could about the world "Fly", it has to capture a large share of the air ticket industry. the two young owners are convinced of the potential of their consumer-friendly concept. They decided the whole, been called almost traditional experience of searching online for a plane ticket to take the kick. "People should understand immediately what they see and it be confident that they have made the best choice. Design plays a crucial role. Our pages are designed uncluttered, quiet and attractive. Of course, it remains possible to use the results to its own idea and understanding by adjusting the selection criteria sort. We also offer on request a newsletter, where our users be informed of current deals specifically motivated by them favorite destination. In the future we hope the PaperFlies experience always enjoyable to make, while one can think of an inspiration function whereby people who do not exactly know where they want to be stimulated visually and informative go. In this way we make holiday weather celebrate the ultimate leisure experience that it should always be. "

The price is per person and from €