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Dutch start-up PaperFlies introduces compare airline tickets abroad

AMS. 08-10-2014. What began as a simple "Daily Deal" website is has grown into a search engine for the best airline ticket prices from the web. Due to the rapid growth in the Netherlands will see the Dutch start-up PaperFlies are opportunities for their airline ticket search abroad. Starting this week doing search engine introduced in 8 different countries including the United States.

"Transparency and completeness of the offer is also close to the border to search. Because consumers can average between 20 and 80 euros save on airline tickets compared to the established providers, we see also opportunities in these markets. "Thus, the two young entrepreneurs Jens Steenhuis and Bob Stolk.

The price differences are so great between different providers that naturally became to stabbing a lot of time in finding a airline ticket. Before it can be made an informed choice opens average traveler multiple websites then prices compare. This work is taken care of by the search function PaperFlies. By putting together all providers, the site provides full transparency. So you can choose to book with PaperFlies but is it also possible with the airline or another airline ticket website to complete the booking. This level of price transparency creates trust among customers. That is, according to the two underlying the success in the Netherlands.

The price is per person and from €