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Dutch startup PaperFlies launches card-based hotel comparator

The independent hotel search engine is live, which compares more than 600,000 hotels. The search algorithm can not only deal with the prices that hotels themselves, but also the Hotel Sites prices and against each other. Thus, the comparator provides a complete overview of the hotel operators around the world. Allows the startup may tackles the biggest problem in the online travel industry: consumers look at different websites before they can make an informed choice. "Thousands of books work locations. Because PaperFlies take a helicopter view, above the booking sites, you get the cheapest immediately see where the hotel offered," says co-founder Jens Steenhuis

The selection voltage is reduced

Because of the large number of popular destinations like making New York more than 500 hotels in the comparator. To reduce stress choice is a top 10 compiled for each destination. These are price, location and opinions of guests carefully considered. The patented search algorithm labels the 10 opinions in number. This allows the location of the hotel can be easily recognized on the map.

First-card based hotelvergelijker of Netherlands

The two young founders, both graduated at the hotel school, knows that location is the most important aspect when looking for a hotel. When opening the search hotels are also displayed by default on a map. This is the young company's first hotelvergelijker of Netherlands equal visualizes the results.

The price is per person and from €