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PaperFlies provides new way of airline tickets

The new PaperFlies.com was launched October 16 and offers the traveler a totally different experience to book a plane ticket.

The Internet has the travel agent on the street made the tie, but replaced by something much worse - countless airline ticket search engines and endless content. PaperFlies offers a solution with an overview of the best flight deals directly linked to the cheapest available tickets.

"We run the search process actually, you get the best ticket price voorgschoteld and taking an overview of all dates on which you can fly to this rate." - Aldus Jens (co-owner)

PaperFlies makes booking a ticket yet another fun activity. In Instead of searching for a specific destination, scroll to PaperFlies like were through a catalog of over flight deals. Plays PaperFlies to the trend of inspiring the traveler, which is different many other airline ticket providers today.

The price is per person and from €