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PaperFlies launches inspiration function: Airfare Search on world map

On the Amsterdam startup PaperFlies website, you can navigate to a world map from which today's best airline ticket rates for each destination are located. In this way, the visitor is inspired to broaden his horizon.

By choosing the departure airport are the lowest fares to over 200 destinations shown on the map. The card makes it easy to compare destinations, the price of a plane ticket to New York and Tokyo to weigh a glance at each other.

The feature is especially meant for people who want to travel but have no destination in mind. Based on the entered dates and destinations and the best prices are proposed. Click on price provides additional details about the trip and the ability to book the flight.

Co-founder Bob Stolk: "The world has never been so small, you feel like an explorer when you use the card. The new feature is specifically designed to inspire people and show that flights are often not as expensive as people think. "

About PaperFlies

Travel Search Engine PaperFlies filters thousands of deals daily to offer the best airline ticket prices and packages. More than 1,100 travel websites are now connected to the platform, allowing consumers to make use of the best offerings of the Internet.


The price is per person and from €