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PaperFlies launches inspiration function for floating traveler

AMS. 10-12-2014. The new inspiration function as it is today PaperFlies available. Allows the airline ticket startup focuses on the floating travelers, no specific destination in mind have.

Travelling want but have no idea where to is a frequently heard problem among travelers. 61% use the Internet as the main source of inspiration. [1] What city you choose for a city, what is the best country for Safari? Since this choice today is a lot easier. The new inspiration function PaperFlies compares according to the desired Travel time to the airline ticket prices by travel theme. On the basis of the travel theme, For example, a "break" a personal trip page is generated.

This page consists of a minimum of 10 locations and the corresponding prices. As you might first think on a weekend trip to Rome, but by the easy comparison possible, the choice is still at Valencia. So the traveler may be inspired by a still unknown destination or choose it based on the best price of the next trip. of inspiration the actual choice of a single functionality.

"I was looking for an adventurous holiday, it took a week before I had found six possible destinations. Then the search begins for the lowest price. It was clear that this process should be improved." said Jens Steenhuis (co-founder)

"We find that many people love to go on a break. Most do have specific dates but never a specific destination. They have Always more destinations in their heads, and finally let the price determine. Our new inspiration tool helps precisely these travelers. "-Bob Stolk (Co-founder)

Besides the choice of 12 travel categories, it is possible to own theme to put together. The user can in one operation more compare destinations of your choice. PaperFlies is the first vliegticketvergelijker which a traveler is not limited to the completion of a destination.

About PaperFlies

PaperFlies.com two years ago as a frustration unclear airline ticket market. Two young entrepreneurs (Jens Steenhuis and Bob Stolk) see it as their mission to give back to the overview consumer. Many travelers were already using the search algorithm, daily selects the best deals. The inspiration mode is the first step to the making offers personal.

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The price is per person and from €