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PaperFlies: Strong decline in airline ticket prices

The price of a plane ticket in 2015 fell sharply compared with 2014, according to research by airline ticket deal site PaperFlies. A good year to book airline tickets, because in the top 8 most popular destinations are drops of up to 25 percent.

Of the eight most popular destinations Bali and Cape Town have declined the most. When examining PaperFlies looked at the cheapest price of a return flight from Amsterdam. A return ticket to Bali dropped in price from 593 euros in 2014 to 475 euros in 2015, a drop of nearly 25 percent. Back and forth flying to Cape Town this year almost 100 euros cheaper than last year, the price decreased by 17 percent and in 2015, the return rate 553 euros. With a decrease of 16.8 percent Johannesburg following the rankings.

New York is available this year for 366 euros and thus stands at position number 4, followed by Sydney, Jakarta and Rio de Janeiro. Willemstad closes the list with a drop of 4.2 percent.

The price is per person and from €