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Reduced price tickets: 2016 ideal for year (world)traveler

Dutch travelers can indulge themselves when it comes to buying airline tickets. The trend for airlines to offer their tickets at low prices has put the past year.

Flights to destinations all over the world reach this year to their lowest rates, according to research by PaperFlies.com.

Oil price

The further decline in the prices of airline tickets are a result of the fall in oil prices and the competition among the many providers. At Schiphol in 2016 three new airlines, leaving more frequently flown on various routes. Especially newcomer China Eastern competes strongly to Asian destinations. So Bali was to book this year for 380 euros return.


When comparing the lowest airfare showed in 2015 and 2016 that the price of a ticket to Rome is the greatest. A ticket to the Italian capital can this year to 60 percent cheaper. It is also advantageous to fly to Asia. Travel to Bali and Bangkok this year to 21 percent cheaper than last year. In addition, travelers for flights to Tokyo to spend seventeen percent less.

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