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Airline tickets search to multiple destinations with a single query

The search function makes it possible not to one destination (for example JFK) but to multiple destinations (for example, JFK, BCN, RIO) to search simultaneously. That PaperFlies is the first airline ticket website which offers an alternative to the traditional search box, which consists of only one option.

A good price comparison for multiple destinations with the current way of flight search time-consuming and cumbersome. Due to the limited capabilities of traditional search box, the user for each destination must start a separate search. From now on it is no longer necessary, for example one by one to find out all airports in Thailand for the cheapest ticket price.

"The simple equation opportunity we save the traveler time and money. We find the flight ticket prices for various destinations in less than 20 seconds. The traveler can compare at a glance and choose the destination that is most advantageous. "- Jens Steenhuis, co-founder.

This new search function the user can enter up to 10 destinations in one search. Then the flight ticket prices for the selected destinations are displayed on a summary page. A big change will be carried out in an industry where searches for almost fifteen years in the same one-sided manner.

The price is per person and from €